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Meet Our Head Chef

Meet The Botanist’s Head Chef, Sendura Lim.

We are very excited to announce our Head Chef, Sendura Lim, is taking the reins of your local favourite.

As we step into spring, it is an exciting time here in Kirribilli, as we have welcomed an experienced and exciting  Head Chef who is set to take our menu to another level.


Let’s get to know her a little better…

How did you first get into hospitality?

“I got into hospitality by chance as it was one of the pathways where I get to work and create connections with people (I was a bit shy when I was young). I watched a lot of the great Chefs, which inspired me to cook and create. It was a challenging path to begin with, lots of tears and burns along the way haha! I worked at Squires Landing in The Rocks for a number of years, before working at Nick’s Seafood, and now heading over the bridge to Kirribilli. ”

What inspires you to work as a Head Chef?

“I was inspired to work as a Head Chef because I was given the opportunity and trust to grow in myself as a chef and individual. I also realised that being a Head Chef gives me the admiration and understanding of my old Head Chefs! A notable Chef that inspires me is Joel Robuchon, named ‘Chef of the century his techniques transformed modern cooking. I also enjoy growing with my team and becoming a support system, just as my predecessor was.”


What are you most excited about joining The Botanist team?

“The Botanist is a unique restaurant that boasts quality housemade items. The Botanist keeps me on my toes as I am continuously pushed to create and refine my cooking priorities. I am loving the energy and support the team has given so far and looking forward to many more years!”

What is your favourite Botanist dish?

“My favourite dish at The Botanist is the Wild Boar Ragout, I am a meat lover! In saying that, the Roast Free Range Chicken is also a strong contender.”


Join us for lunch or dinner, and be sure to say hi if you see her smiling face in the kitchen!