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Supplier Spotlight: Lyre’s Spirit Co.

This March The Botanist celebrated Mindful March with the help of Lyre’s non-alcoholic spirits.

We have teamed up with Lyre’s to help us be mindful and present in the magic moments we create together.

We have had a number of exciting things happening, wholesome meal specials, crafternoons & our Lyre’s non-alcoholic cocktail specials!

Lyre’s was the ideal choice to partner with for Mindful March. Their non-alcoholic spirits made with all-natural flavours have a sophisticated flavour, and the brand paired perfectly with the concepts behind Mindful March.

Our Bar Manager Donovan created two Lyre’s non-alcoholic cocktails to enjoy. These non-alcoholic cocktails have been a guest favourite this Mindful March, so we thought we should share a little bit about Lyre’s, their story & the growing trend of non-alcoholic beverages.


Who is Lyre’s:

Lyre’s was created to change the way the world drinks. Inspired in 2017 by Mark Livings, he saw the challenges of balancing a career in a successful business with his social life. He struggled with the fact that choosing a no or low alcohol drink always involved a compromise. So, he asked the question; how can we still stay social, without compromising taste?

After 2 years of development, Lyre’s was created to give people the option of a refined no or low alcoholic drink choice. It has been crafted using all-natural flavours to parallel the flavours and appearance of traditional spirits.

Lyre’s can recreate the majority of trending classic cocktails and turn most drinks into low or non-alcoholic versions. Forget traditional sugary mocktails, now you can enjoy a ‘good’ mocktail or non-alcoholic cocktail. Lyre’s spirits are all-natural and low in calories, so the perfect choice for a mindful drink. They also have significantly less calories than the equivalent traditional alcohol spirit. Depending on the type, Lyre’s can be up to 75-95% less calories.


Why is non-alcoholic trending?

Mindful drinking & choosing non-alcoholic or low alcoholic drinks are growing trends throughout the world and especially here in Australia. International drink market analysis group IWSR calculates a 118% volume increase for non-alcoholic spirits globally.

As this trend grows more and more people are looking for sophisticated alternatives to alcohol. Around the world, this trend is changing the way we think about alcohol, as well as changing the hospitality industry. People now expect refined, flavoursome non-alcoholic choices in restaurants, bars, and pubs around Australia.

Reasons for this growth is an increasing awareness of the numerous health benefits of non-alcoholic drinks (no more hangovers or hidden high-calorie drinks), changing drinking cultures, and this idea of freedom of choice – there should be a non-alcoholic version that is of similar quality and sophisticated taste.

Whether it is for health purposes or any other reason, people should have the opportunity to select a flavoursome option. 


Mindful March Cocktail Specials:

Our two Mindful March Lyre’s Cocktail Specials were carefully crafted by our Bar Manager Donovan:

Lyre’s Plum Sour: Lyre’s London Dry, Davidson plum, lemon, aquafaba

Lyre’s Spritz: Lyre’s Italian Spritz, watermelon, soda


Check out the video below to see how our Mindful cocktail specials are made!

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♬ Up Beat (Married Life) – Kenyi

Get them for $14, or $10 when you order through the Applejack App. Come in and try our non-alcoholic Lyre’s cocktail specials before March ends!